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Welcome to ImagineQuant Lab

A Brain Tumor Research Group Exploring the Frontiers of Neuroradiology, AI, & Molecular Imaging

A Brain Tumor Research Group
Exploring the Frontiers of Neuroradiology, 
AI & Molecular Imaging

The ImagineQuant Lab

The ImagineQuant lab focuses on characterization of cancer behavior in human brain using novel imaging technology and informatics tools. Using this knowledge we develop algorithms that provide detailed evaluation of cancer in the brain and predict cancer molecular signature and patient outcomes. We further take this information and dissect it in the laboratory by studying the mechanisms underlying therapy related damage to normal tissue.

Lab Vision

  1. Building large databases of brain tumors with detailed segmentations and clinical information

  2. Development of informatics tools for improvement of clinical workflow and aiding the creation of large databases

  3. Pre-clinical research on treatment related damage to the brain

  4. Clinical trials for translation of novel algorithms, imaging agents, and theranostics into clinical practice

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